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Do you dream of turning your lawn into the most beautiful possible version of itself? You are definitely not alone in this, as our experienced lawn care professionals at Green Grounds Services can attest. Those very same pros, however, will also tell you that it’s usually a good idea to leave essential spring lawn care up to them. That’s because a lot can happen, to either make or break the lawn of your dreams in spring and early summer. As the weather turns warm, yet is still humid, the grass will begin to grow quicker than ever. There are many sunny, yet also rainy days in spring, which makes it perfect for plants and grass to germinate and sprout. This is why we firmly believe spring is the best time of the year in which you should invest into professional lawn care services.

Put Our Pros in Lawn Aeration to The Test

There’s more to the lawn maintenance we perform than cutting the grass a certain length. We also recommend that our clients allow us to perform core soil aeration. Remember those cylinders of soil we used to see lying around the school football field when we were kids? That’s aeration for you: it helps nourish the root system of the grass with better nutrients and oxygen, as well as with more water.

If in your opinion using the best company possible to take care of your prized possession is going to be more expensive than using a mom and pop operation, think again. Green Grounds Services is well aware of what everybody else charges for what in most cases is substandard work, and we will meet or beat anybody else’s fees.

Leave the Hard Work to Us for Professional Results

Good Lawn Aeration is not that complicated, as long as you leave it up to the right people. Making sure your lawn is properly cared for in spring will ensure it keeps looking good throughout the year! For all of your Lawn Aeration needs there is absolutely no reason not to use the very finest company out there today and that is without question Green Grounds Services. We offer Spring and Fall lawn aeration to ensure your lawn’s roots can receive the much needed nutrients.

Aerating a lawn in Lehi Utah
Aerating a lawn in Lehi Utah

power raking services

Power Raking in Lehi Utah

Power Raking your lawn pulls all of the dead grass out of your lawn creating space for your lawn to breath.

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