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 Getting somebody that is reliable, fairly priced, and does a good job of taking care of your yard is never an easy task, not impossible, just not simple. If you need lawn mowing and you do not know where to turn, then you should definitely check out the Green Grounds Services team of professionals.

Green Grounds Services has been servicing yards of all sizes in this area for about as long as anybody can remember. Over time we have developed a reputation that is second to none in this industry. We show up when we are supposed to. We do the work the way you want. And most importantly of all, we always, but always try to exceed any expectations that you might have.

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What’s the right way to mow a lawn, you ask? It all depends, from one patch of turf to the next, really. That’s why it’s best to entrust experienced professionals with this task. They will know what height the grass should be trimmed at, based on the different species of turf present on your lawn.

However, perhaps the most important lawn mowing session of the year is the first one in spring. It typically takes place once the weather has become warm enough to eliminate the possibility of a freeze. Then, our technicians scalp the lawn, which means they cut it as short as possible, without damaging the roots. This method of mowing makes sure the lawn will grow healthy, without the sleeping brown grass that has matted around its roots over winter. It also ensures that your turf will grow stronger, faster and lusher in areas that are currently going barren. Our mowing package is a weekly mow that includes edging, and weed eating. Green Grounds Services only use top of the line professional equipment that ensures a clean healthy cut!

Lawn Mowing Service Utah
Lawn Mowing Service Utah

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We Want You To Be Absolutely Delighted By Our Services!

 If for any reason, you feel you're not absolutely, Positively 100% happy with our work, I wont be happy either. I will not rest until we make it right. I will immediately send my team to fix the problem with no questions asked... If it's still not good enough we will pay a competitor of your choosing to fix it for you… That's how strongly I believe that you will love what we do!

- Taylor Hansen,  Founder